Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The effect of cell phones on the people

Do you believe that there are many people have been killed by their cell phones? Have you ever imagined that cell phone can kill many people in the world? Today using the cell phone while driving is the most dangerous issue that effect people by menace human life, strong law can decrease the level of accident and makes people get stress. Is very important for people to respect the road's rule and be attention to the safety road direction to save our life and other people's life. Today using a cell phone during people drive is very dangers habit, this is important issue the drivers should be care about it.
First, driving with using a cell phone menace human life. Is very important to know that a cell phone is one of the biggest danger issues that effect human life. For example, "It is the telephone conversation that is the main problem. People are drawn into the conversation and ignore what is happening on the road around them" Clinton, (2003). He explains that cell phone makes people loss their attention on the road and get accident. Therefore, that can be menace human life. On the other hand, using the cell phone during people drives can be removing the bad behavior for our children. On the other word, when parents talk to the cell phone while they drive of course the children going to follow the same bad behavior. For example, when the father setting and watch TV all the time the child going to do the same behavior. So now people will drive with no bad behavior they should avoid any thing during they drive.
Second, strong law can decrease the level of accidents is increase because of using the cell phone while people driving. Many countries face problems with the high level of road accident. For example, Saudi Arabia is the highest level that has accident in the world and that because the government don’t put a serous punishment of people who drives and use a cell phone in the same time. "We are delighted to see a new law, but it will not have the impact we have been hoping for if people switch to hands-free devices instead" Clinton. (2003). He means good law with strong punishment can help to decrease the level of accident.
Finally, stress is the most of worse problems that happen while using a cell phone during people drive. Stress can drove people crazy spatially when people drive, how about when they use the cell phone during people drive that can cast worse result on the road. For example, "The study strongly suggests that mobile phone use is associated with specific changes in the areas of the brain responsible for activating and coordinating the stress system" Arnetzt (2008). He explains that stress can affect people when thy using cells phone during drive. On the other hand, stress has negative issue. For example, people get fight with each other, more stress specific in the rash hour times. To avoid the stress people should avoid any things that get their attrition away specially the cell phones.
The opponent’s argument says using a cell phone while drive is normal because they think is important to answer it could be emergency call. However, the problem with their argument is not safety for the drivers because using the cell phone while people drive is very dangers issue. However, if it’s important call there are many solutions to fix the problem. For example, they can use the cell phone but in the parking cars area; they can add an answer machine so any one can add the message and later when he arrive he can call back. " Missing a call won't kill you - an accident quite possibly could." David, (2003). The most important issue is to protect your life better than answer your phone.
In conclusion, people should not use their cells phones when they drive. The reasons are: that could drive people to get more stress, increase the level of accident and menace human life. People should get their attention and know how danger is to use a cell phone during the driving. If all people using the cell phone during driving, we are going to face many roads’ problems in the future.


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